Integration for Maximum Satisfaction and Performance

We hear it all the time … an apartment manager would love to expand online tools, but doesn’t want to give up some of the baseline processes that have been trusted for years. With HousingManager™, if you love your old software but want to do more, we can still help.

At HousingManager, we believe in maximum flexibility across our entire product line. While we offer a full suite of products covering your most time-consuming activities — and many of our customers buy the entire suite — we also offer many of our products as a supplement to tools you already use.

Happy with accounts receivable or accounts payable, or invoicing or general ledger, or another tool? Many times, we can integrate with the existing products to enhance the value and the functionality. Have you ever seen a souped up car with a spoiler on the back, dual exhausts, a hood scoop and other add-ons? HousingManager can do that for you. We can be the full performance vehicle for managing your property, or we can be the performance add-ons to your current tools.

Give us a call at 855-979-0770. Our performance team can help you.