Work Orders App Improvement ™ recently updated its Work Order app to help streamline maintenance requests and product inventory. Property managers who manage multiple properties can view work orders filtered by individual properties, simplifying prioritizations and billing.

Users will be able to quickly page through work orders submitted, work orders scheduled and work orders completed by date. The updated format also offers users an overview of maintenance, inventory and time spent on each work order.

The Work Orders App update will still have the same functionality as the older app with features such as:

  • Freedom from tenant disputes with before and after photos of repaired damaged
  • Freedom from paperwork
  • Control of maintenance costs
  • Freedom from misplaced inventory or lost work orders
  • Control to deliver maintenance more efficiently

The Work Order app can be customized to meet the needs of property owners and property managers, including integration with your existing software via an application program interface (API).

If you need help using the newly updated Work Order app, or would like more information about the software, please give us a call.